Thursday, December 21, 2017

I like my milk homogenized and my schemes as pure as the driven snow.

Purity works in gold processing, homogenized milk, and separation of colors in laundry. Watch this short news piece on Elbert County government and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Where do you go if you find yourself on the opposite side of an issue than the current Elbert County government?
2. Does winning an election mean you govern only those who see things your way?
3. Should we remove the term “representative government “ from all of Elbert County documents and replace it with “hand-picked government?”
4. Would Chris Richardson be satisfied with this logic, if he found himself at odds with a sitting BOCC or if he felt his government was not listening to him?
5. Does being  marginalized and disregarded merely because you hold an opposing view to a sitting BOCC mean you should have no voice?

You will notice, I did not use the name of any political party.  Let me assure you that many of  the voices whom this BOCC is trying to silence belong to the historically dominant party here  in Elbert County and they are being ignored as well.  Welcome to the concept of authoritarianism in our own backyard. 

View the Channel 9 News Video

The Elbert County BOCC policy
The Elbert County Board of Commissioners is all "you can't sit with us" (literally) if you don't meet the very specific guidelines.
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  1. Very well stated. My only disagreement: homogenized milk is one of the factors ruining our digestive strength. We are meant to ingest a host of gut bugs for strong digestion and immune function. Homogenization destroys the beneficial bugs. Drink fresh raw milk.

  2. I agree about the milk, but the term was used just to make a point. If you think about it in terms of your explanation, there is a pretty strong analogy. Thank you for reading.